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Uliana Horbachevska - voice
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Antoni Donchev - piano
Christian Ramond - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

First concert of this new ensemble took place 8th of October 2017 at the Opera House Lviv, Ukraine. First cd LEOPOLIS will be released soon !!

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Ken Vandermark - saxophones, clarinets
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

Latets cd NO-EXIT CORNER out on NotTwo Records !!!

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Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet
Christopher Dell - vibes
Christian Ramond - bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

The Theo Jörgensmann Quartet is a top-class German Jazz Quartet. Their CDs have been enthusiastically reviewed by many critics worldwide.

Vibrating and stunning communication on the finest technical level imaginable. This worldwide succeeding German jazz ensemble stands for: -music against the law of purity (...) dancing elegance, humorous intelligence, sensitive poetry (...), the ultimate improvised chamber music.- (Weltwoche, Switzerland, 2002) -highly interactive (...) simply magnificent- (highest score in FONO FORUM, Germany, 2002) -Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic from all sides. (...) Jörgensmann’s dancing, fractured improv couldn’t find a warmer nest.- CODA MAGAZINE, Canada, 2003
[photo by Ruth Hommelsheim]

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Joe McPhee - trumpet, saxophones
John Edwards - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

"... (Joe McPhee's) magical take on avant-garde sax remains one of the wonders of the scene. He still has one of the most beautiful tones on the planet, even when he’s reaching for jazz’s outer limits." mjd 5/02

Latest cd on NotTwo Records: JOURNEY TO PARAZZAR

"The music played here is "just XXIst century free jazz", but played at the highest possible level, with emotions and feeling erupting from the scene like lava from an exploding volcano. ... the whole album is magnifique!!!" - Maciej Lewenstein, 2018
[photo by Martin Schray]

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Sabir Mateen - alto & tenor sax, flutes, clarinets, poetry
Christopher Dell - vibes
Christian Ramond - bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

Sabir Mateen’s enduring presence which no-one can ignore within the scene of improvisational music has made him protagonist of one chapter in Phil Freeman's book "New York Is Now! The New Wave of Free Jazz".

"… Dell, Ramond and Kugel ... is an excellent rhythm section, that quietly turns in an exhilarating performance. Everything is terrifically balanced, from the song structures to the interaction. Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic swing rises up from all sides. They are, simply, an irresistible rhythm trio, by turns direct, elusive, and awash in color." - Greg Buium, CODA MAGAZINE, Canada, 2003

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Mars Williams presents
Mars Williams - saxophones, flutes, toys
Jaimie Branch - trumpet, toys, electronics
Knox Chandler - guitar
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

First tour and cd recording took place in December 2018

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Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, synthesizer, percussion
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion

"... and they re still playing highly interactive, tensile music." - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 2007
" ... improvisational genius of the highest order" - Tom Sekowski, The Live Music Report, January 2008, USA
"The Ganelin Trio Priority played a staggering set on the penultimate evening of the June, 2007 Vision Festival, a continuous and constantly morphing shock-and-awe campaign in which all national and international demarcations were obliterated." - Marc Medwin,, August, 2007, USA

concert video:

"The evening concert series featured some real high-octane entertainment, with the biggest explosion and highlight coming early in the form of the New York City debut of the Ganelin Trio Priority. ... Vysniauskas and Kugel proved to be dynamic players and improvisers, perfectly suited for the trio`s dance with the devil." - Ken Weiss, JAZZIMPROV, USA, 2007

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Uliana Horbachevska - voice
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Mark Tokar - double bass, voice
Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion

"The group`s sound ... runs the gamut of human expression, traversing a landscape of peaks and valleys. Using Ukrainian folklore and free-form improv, the quartet stirs up infectious enthusiasm ... maintain a cohesive warmth, with an almost invisible seam connecting each section ... the music reaches an ecstatic climax ... " - John Barron, theJazzWord, USA, 2012

Watch ULTRAMARINE on youtube:

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Mars Williams - saxophones, flutes
Waclaw Zimpel - clarinets, flutes
Hilliard Greene - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

SWITCHBACK is a high octane quartet from Chicago, Warsaw, NYC and Cologne.
[photo by Svetlana Minakova]

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John Dikeman - tenor & baritone saxophone
Raoul van der Weide - contrabass, crackle box
Klaus Kugel - drums

CD on NotTwo Records: "ACROSS THE SKY
[photo by Photomusix/C.Marx]